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16 junho 2005


Num bar, Bloom discute com um cidadão nacionalista. Lenehan comenta que o cavalo em que Bloom apostou foi o vencedor, fazendo piorar o atrito, até que Bloom é expulso do bar.
referência homérica - Ciclope
ciência/arte - política

Trecho da obra
Bloom e o Cidadão:

-Persecution, says he, all the history of the world is full of it.
Perpetuating national hatred among nations.

-But do you know what a nation means? says John Wyse.

-Yes, says Bloom.

-What is it? says John Wyse.

-A nation? says Bloom. A nation is the same people living in the same

-By God, then, says Ned, laughing, if that's so I'm a nation for I'm
living in the same place for the past five years.

So of course everyone had the laugh at Bloom and says he, trying to
muck out of it:

-Or also living in different places.

-That covers my case, says Joe.

-What is your nation if I may ask? says the citizen.

-Ireland, says Bloom. I was born here. Ireland.

The citizen said nothing only cleared the spit out of his gullet and,
gob, he spat a Red bank oyster out of him right in the corner.
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