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30 agosto 2005

Deu no New York Times

Paulo Coelho prepara invasão aos EUA.

"I am not in the United States what I am in France or Spain or Germany," he said in a long conversation in the all-glass dining room that reaches into the garden of his comfortable but simple home in the Pyrenees Mountains. "I have never broken the barrier of the press. In the United States, I am a great success, but I am not a celebrity."

"I never say I am a guru," he insisted. "That person does not exist. Readers only want to know if I have the same question as they have. But if I gave an answer, they'd soon see it was false. Many readers send me e-mails saying their lives have changed. But I didn't change those people. Everything was ready. Perhaps the book changed them."

Esoterismo e auto-ajuda literária para as massas. Ah! marketing, sobretudo marketing.
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